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UAE Staffing Ltd Mission
To be the Leading Provider of Employment in the Dubai and the Middle East

This is a bold mission for any company. But we believe that we are the leader in the competitive market. Why? Because UAE Staffing Inc prides itself on the the quality of our service.

We only offer the finest Employment service backed by a professional and qualified staff. We are with you throughout your journey to the top of employment industry. Our attention to quality in all aspects of our business will help us to achieve our mission, and in the process, bring you the best service possible

Can UAE Staffing assist International candidates
Yes, since the UAE is open to all nationalities, expats are the main professionals labour force

How can I find out what jobs are open at UAE Staffing Inc?
We encourage you to visit our Job page often, since it is updated frequently - If you don't see a job you like today, it may be posted in the future.

How do I know if UAE Staffing Ltd is a listed company
You can contact the European Business Chamber : http://www.eurobusinesscc.com We are listed there, you can also look up www.business.com which is the largest listing directory for companies ( type uaestaffing.com )

How do I submit a resume?
While we accept all resumes, you will better position yourself by submitting a resume in response to a specific job posting. All you need to do is apply online through our website and indicate the position you are interested in.

What happens after I submit my resume?
Once you have submitted your resume, we'll enter it into a database that's accessed by all of our consultants and regional locations. We will match the best position that fits your criteria and will search the database for appropriate jobs and contact you directly to further clarify a mutual fit and interest for an open position.

Can I get a refund if I choose to cancel the service
the administrative fee will not be refunded, it will act as the final payment for our initial services

Will you contact me after I have submitted a resume?
If you submit your resume online you will receive a prompt acknowledgement of receipt to your e-mail address.

What does it mean if I do not hear from UAE Staffing Ltd
Our online system receives hundreds of resumes per month and we try to acknowledge each one. We keep all resumes in our database for at least 3 weeks and we will contact you should an appropriate position open up ot match

How will I know if the job is filled?
When a job is filled, the position will be removed from the Job page.

Does UAE Staffing Ltd help and consider International candidates?
Yes, we help all qualified International candidates

I am interested in working in Dubai, do I have to submit my resume
We welcome and encourage submission of resumes in response to postings detailed on this web site. Please follow the resume submission instructions associated with each posting. Alternatively, in the absence of a posting for a position in which you are interested, you may submit your résumé as an indication of interest in employment

We strongly prefer that you submit your résumé electronically. we use an electronic system that can attempt to match your résumé either with your specified choice of job openings or with openings across a variety of disciplines and business units in Uae Staffing Inc

Your profile will be entered into our recruiting database, where it will be electronically accessible to all our Human Resources professionals. If there is a potential match between our hiring needs and your qualifications, we will contact you directly.

If a job is posted at this web site, does this mean it is still open?
Yes, unless it has very recently been filled.

Where can I find information about Consultants
You can visit www.careercc.org/faq.html

Can I fax my résumé?
We prefer résumés to be submitted electronically.

What will happen to my résumé?
It will be entered into our electronic résumé database.

Our electronic résumé management system allows us to identify talent by searching for your résumé as a possible match for job openings. Human Resources recruiters continually search for résumés that most closely match our current job opportunities. So whether you are interested in a specific position, or you simply want to be considered for any positions that match your background, we will review your résumé. and reply

Will you confirm that you received my résumé?
Receipt of online submissions is acknowledged with an email response.

I recently submitted my résumé. What's the status of it?
Once you are using our service , you will have acces to your file number and password for your own online account

Can I contact someone to discuss career opportunities at UAE Staffing Inc
The number of general inquiries you can use, but you will not be able to go through lengthy questions about your resume, as the receptionist will have no knowledge of your status,. You may research your status by contacting support

How often do you update your job openings at this Internet site?
The job openings listed on our web site are updated the instant a change is made in our database.

If I cannot submit a résumé electronically, what's the best way to format and write one?
To create a scannable résumé, follow the instructions below.

A Scannable Résumé:
Include your name and address at the top of each page of your résumé on its own line. Use standard (primary) address format under your name. List each of your phone numbers on its own line.

Choose commonly used and easily understood headings for major sections, for example: Career Objective, Career Summary, Education, Experience, etc. Every discipline has its own set of "buzzwords," jargon, acronyms, professional and educational designations, etc., and our database will recognize these. Therefore, you should use all of these terms that apply to your background and skills. Use boldface and/or all capital letters for section headings. However, boldface should be avoided in all other areas.

Send a laser printed original or high quality photocopy, printed on plain white paper. (Scanning accuracy is affected by color paper.) This applies to both cover letter and résumé.

Print on only ONE side of the paper.

Use a standard, plain typeface/font, e.g., Courier or Times New Roman. Use a font size of between 10 and 14 points. Avoid using vertical/horizontal lines and boxes, and page or section borders.

Avoid any stray marks, graphics, bullets, dashes, italics, highlighting, shading, shadows or underlining. Avoid folds and creases. Mail the résumé in a 9-by-12-inch envelope.

Do not use staples. Use a paper clip to keep pages together if necessary.

Do not attach business cards, photos, writing samples, transcripts or certificates.

Are we obligated to offer accommodations for applicants under the Act in order to complete the screening process?
The Act prohibits discrimination in employment. Offering accommodation is advisable and appropriate, if such accommodation is reasonable. It is important to remember that not all are covered under the ACT

We are not responsible for accommodations, this is up the employer only, the employer will determine the level of the positions and offer accommodations accordingly, you may keep in mind that most positions in the UAE will offer housing or a housing allowance

Are telephone interviews acceptable?
Telephone interviews are a great way to screen a large group of candidates. However, under most circumstances, a telephone interview is more helpful in determining whether an applicant is the right person for the position. Many people use telephone interviews to narrow their candidates' list

How many applicants must be interviewed before making a hiring decision?
Depending upon the size of the applicant pool, a good rule of thumb is three to five applicants

How long must employment records be kept on file?
Anything (including interview notes) pertaining to a new hire must be kept for a period of not less than two years. back

How do I put a position on hold?
Just email to keep your file on hold, however, we will not send your application to any employers, we will offer the matched position to the next suitable applicant.

How long do positions have to be posted?
Positions are open until the pool has three approved referrals.

What does PSR stand for?
Personnel Selection Report. The PSR is generated when the department notifies Employment they no longer wish to have applicants referred. The position is then placed on " hold ". The purpose of the PSR is to provide documentation for the selection of the qualified candidate

If a job is on " hold, " can it be reopened?
Yes. For up to 90 days after the job was first placed on hold, the job can be reopened.

Can employers hire someone under the age of 16?
No. Due to a number of State and Federal laws governing child labor, we do not enter into this liability.

What's the best way to express interest in a position
Visit our Job page to select the criteria that best match the type of position you are looking for. The search results page will show all open positions that match your criteria. To send your resume/CV, click on the Submit Resume/CV button. Fill out the required fields and click Submit.

Do I need to submit a resume or CV for each position that I am interested in?
No. If you are interested in several positions, Be sure to include the position's title (found in each position description) in all correspondence. we will match all related jobs that fit your criteria

Can I send a resume or CV even if I don't see any openings that interest me right now?
Unfortunately, due to the high volume of interest we receive in response to open positions, we are unable to accept resumes or CVs for positions not currently posted.

What are Job Alerts?
Job Alerts are e-mail notices that inform you of recently posted positions matching your search criteria that have become available.

What employment opportunities does UAE Staffing Inc have available for recent graduates?
We help recent graduates for most positions:

How long does it take to process my resume?
When you apply online, your resume and cover letter are instantly available to our employment consultants who then send out your resume to selected employers in 24 hours it can take about 3 months but this is not written in stone, the process is ongoing until accepted

What should I do if I am having problems uploading or submitting my resume via the website?
Most uploading issues are the result of not meeting our system requirements. you may then attache the resume to our email jobs@uaestaffing.com

What type of contact information should I provide?
Please use discretion when submitting contact information, as it may be automatically referenced for resume acknowledgement or interview follow-up. please add your address, phone and email

How can I learn the status of my candidacy?
Hiring managers are constantly reviewing resumes . If your background and experiences are an appropriate match for the position(s) to which you are applying, the hiring area will contact you. Please understand the review process takes time. Due to the high volume of resumes that we receive, only if you are using our services, you can email our support team who will get you the present updates

How do I know if a position is still open, especially if it was posted some time ago?
If a position is still posted on our website, that indicates the hiring area is still accepting applications. Some positions take longer to fill.

Do you offer summer employment opportunities or internships? Summer positions and internships are rare. Should a hiring area have this type of opening, they typically add the position to our job page

Does UAE Staffing provide sponsorship and Visas
No, Only an employer in the UAE can offer this

What should I do if I still have questions?
Send our support team an email, they will respond immediately to you