Our Service

We offer a very extensive service to ensure our candidates secure the most suitable positions that fit your employment criteria, our staff will match your professional requirements to all available jobs and forward your resume/CV directly to related employers, for their final review and selection. When you apply for positions online, our employment consultants will review your resume. Once we can match your resume to open jobs, we will contact you back in 48-72 hours to inform you that we have a match. We do incur time and expense to provide our candidates with the most effective employment service

Once you are notified, you will then be required to submit our Administrative fee of $80US for all candidates which will cover our initial service and administration. On receipt of your payment, you will be given a file number and password to access your own online account with all correspondence. You can also track your resume from your online account

This payment is 80 USD, which is a one time payment that covers all applications

This payment can be made online via our payments page, or paying by Check/Draft Please contact us at help@usestaffing.com

You will receive your file number and password within 48 hours of receipt of your payment

If you are a UAE resident or National, this service is free for you send a copy of your passport as proof to jobs@uaestaffing .com

This payment is 80 USD